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In March 2017, the Australia Unlimited Middle East and North Africa (AU MENA) 2017 trade mission held as showcase Australia’s strong capabilities across a range of industries to deepen trade, investment and education links with the region.


Following Austrade event and provided information and guidelines regards the potential MENA region, ADDTEC proudly arranged its event to visit the region and explore the opportunities.

During the events, ADDTEC team attended more than ten meetings and had different discussions with several sectors including:

–          Biotechnology Research and Production organizations,

–          Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Development parties

in both private and public sectors. 

We have got better understanding about this occasion and will proceed to develop possible opportunities in favour of all -Australian and overseas- parties and in line with our mission “to improve the quality of human life”.

We are glad to share our experience in this regards with other professional and experts in Australia who are interested in this occasion as well.

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