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Product feature:
Natural vitamin source
High vegetable protein

Product description: Health Essence Spirulina 1000mg tablets contains an incredibly rich balance of nutrients found naturally in the microscopic blue-green algae. Spirulina is virtually a “whole food”, capable of sustaining life without the need for other foods. It provides vitamins, many minerals, essential amino acids, carbohydrates and enzymes.

Spirulina is at least 60% vegetable protein, which is pre-digested by the algae, making it a highly digestible food.

High in protein, spirulina’s nutritional profile includes the essential fatty acids, GLA fatty acid, lipids, the nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), B complex, vitamins C and E, and phytochemicals, such as carotenoids, chlorophyll (blood purifier), and phycocyanin (a blue pigment). The minerals in spirulina such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, and iron are chelated versions and can be easily absorbed by our body.

Quantity: 500 tablets

Dosage directions: Adults: Take 5-10 tablets daily. Children: Take 3-6 tablets daily. If you have special requirements, consult your professional nutritionist.

Free from: lactose, gluten, preservatives, colourants, and sweeteners.

Each tablet contains: 1000mg Spirulina powder.

Nutritional Information: 
Per serving 6 tablets Per 100g
Energy 88kj 1463kj
Protein 3.9 65.1g
Fat 0.34g 5.8g
Carbohydrate 0.84g 14g
Vitamin B1 3.0µg 0.05mg
Vitamin B3 1.2mg 20mg
Vitamin B6 57µg 0.95mg
Vitamin B12 0.348µg 0.0058mg
Folates 52.8 µg 880 µg
Calcium 4.4mg 74mg
Iron 1.08mg 18mg
Magnesium 15.6mg 260mg
Manganese 72µg 1.2mg
Phosphorus 60mg 1000mg
Sodium 55.2mg 920mg
Zinc 15.6µg 0.26mg

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