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Biomarker discovery is an interest of health industry because of its advantage to detect disorders in simple tests. The results enable experts to manage diseases with targeted treatments even before appearance of disease.

Biomarkers have been known today are identified based on biological insight from the fields of physiology or biochemistry. New technologies and development in molecular science in recent decades enable us to have new biomarkers at level of genes and proteins. Information on genetic level make genetic diagnostic test available for many diseases today. However, more studies need to be done to find related protein to different condition and nominate them as biomarker.

Fast growing technique of proteomics enable us to study unlimited number of samples with hundreds of proteins and compare them together which create a pool of information. It’s a new generation of biomarker discovery that could provide information regards available or potential disease. Some biomarkers for few disorders such as cancer and eye diseases have been suggested. Many more need to be done.

At ADDTEC, with access to highest proteomics technology, expert knowledge such as data analysis as well as various expertise in different field of health and life science can provide proteomics services with aim of biomarker discovery to research groups interested in and would like to advance study of their topic in their sample group. We are proud to be part of these journeys and have been involved in different projects.

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