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“knowledge is power” but staying update some time is a big challenge!

Thanks to 21st century technology, online training provides a quick and cost-effective solution for busy professionals in industry or researcher from any place in the world to stay update about the latest knowledge and procedures.

At ADDTEC, we are proud to provide online training course in collaboration with our trusted partners for our busy clients or curious scientists seeking to know recent topics around the world.

Courses could be offered are including but not limited to: 

  • GMP Training Courses
  • TGA – GMP Training

Please contact us to have more information.

We offer classroom training in our place or clients upon enquiry.

We are happy to discuss other enquiries related to training courses in the field of life science as online course, webinar or others.

Please contact us and let’s know about your enquiry and we will support you and your institute.


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