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The scientists of In-Silico Modelling Group are well-qualified to apply basic science including mathematics, physics and chemistry to simulate systems in atomic level. Their excellent understanding of the biological systems enables them to translate theoretical results to experimental data and make valuable analysis and prediction.

ADDTEC’s in-silico modelling group provides rational computational approach to address a question which is replacing the traditional and expensive trial-and-error method.

We appreciate and acknowledge that different projects require various approaches to achieve the best outcome. Please contact us to find out how the capabilities of ADDTEC’s in-silico modelling group can assist you.

Here are highlights of the capabilities of in-silico group:

Antibody design

With our knowledge on proteins, peptides and biological systems, we are able to design antibodies for a given target …

Design custom peptides

We study complex systems and design peptide(s) with particular characteristics such as higher affinity and/or selectivity for a given receptor.

Mutation analysis

We can assess the effect of mutations on a peptide by performing structural and functional analyses, which provide crucial information …

Structural analysis

Analysis of structure either a high-resolution structure or a designed structure provide lots of information that could lead scientist to unknown

Modelling of macromolecules

We are experienced in creating models of macromolecules by using available structural data and algorithms.

Analysing Protein-protein interaction

Protein-protein interaction plays key role in predicting the function of target protein and drug ability of molecules.

Protein aggregation solution

We study a system and analyse all details to find the main reasons of aggregation. Then look for suitable modification(s) on the protein to prevent aggregation …

Parametrization skills

Calculate the parameters required for computational study of chemical or organic molecules that let us study different projects with various type of molecules

Technique development

Basic knowledge of different fields like physics and biology give us a good understanding of both techniques and questions and makes it possible …


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