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Today, in such a modern and fast-growing science based environment, world technological development is extremely fast and keeping up with technology is necessary and an advantage for all entities. It is becoming a problem even for highly advanced technological organizations to access or having the new technology with reasonable effort. At ADDTEC, we are delighted to assist and facilitate this process.

ADDTEC with an exceptional network of professionals and relationships with multiple experts and entities around the world enables to have access top-class facilities, CROs and expert. We are proud to provide this massive range of capabilities from basic research to industrial production to our valuable clients with the goal to “improve the quality of human life”.

New Technology

ADDTEC close relationships with multiple experts and entities in Australia and around the world enable us to have access to the latest technology and address technology transfer enquires as well.

Technology Management

Having new technology is just beginning of a long journey. Many things will come up following the first step which could be optimization, operation and control of technological products, processes and services.


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